For those of you who are new to our network, the Legislative Action Team (LAT) was formed by a joint partnership between Golden State Manufactured-Home Owners League (GSMOL) and California Mobilehome Owners Resources and Action Association (CMRAA) in the winter of 2006-2007.  San Luis Obispo County was one of the first areas to get involved in the program and Northern Santa Barbara County followed shortly afterwards.

Our SLO LAT County Co-ordinator, Bob Stewart (latnews@ix.netcom.com), and Northern Santa Barbara County LAT Co-ordinator, Ron Faas (faas@verizon.net), pass along to mobilehome residents materials received from the GSMOL Legislative Committee in Sacramento regarding Assembly and Senate bills, upcoming votes, alerts to communicate our point of view with either our representatives or members of committees and lastly and very importantly, voting results.

While folks on the list often let us know what actions they have taken, there is no tracking of what you do.  We forward talking points and suggestions; how and who you contact on which issue is strictly up to you.  Many larger parks have an LAT Park Leader who actually forwards our emails on to you, the residents, who have signed up to be on the park LAT list.  We also have individuals on our list if your park does not have an LAT Park Leader.  All emails are sent out via “Blind Copy” so that no one else will see your email addresses; they are kept confidential.  If you have a Park Leader; he/she is the only one who sees your email addresses as we send only to him/her in your park.

If you are the LAT Leader for your park, now is a good time to review your current list of residents to see if any email addresses have changed since last summer. You may also want to find out who is new in the park and if they would like to be on the park email list.

Because Bob’s and Ron’s lists are limited to their respective counties, we also use this as a means to forward information to you about local mobilehome issues and sometimes news important to our senior population Be sure to let Bob or Ron know if your Park Leader name or email address changes so you do not miss any important information.

In conclusion, the LAT Network is your link to what’s happening both in Sacramento and in your local area.  Any of our emails to you may be printed and posted on a bulletin board in your clubhouse or in your laundryroom, circulated in your tubes, etc.  Each park decides what method of communication to those without email works best for them.  The LAT network is “non-denominational”; even though it is generated by GSMOL, you do not have to belong to ANY group to get information from the Legislative Action Team ......... Everyone needs to be informed!!!