GSMOL State Board Meets in SLO!

Marie Pounders, GSMOL Region 8 Manager and SLOMAP President

On Wednesday, October 22 and Thursday, October 23, the GSMOL State Board came to town!  The first day included a training for the Board and Regional Managers in the Annex at Laguna Lake Mobile Estates.  Michael Perri facilitated the workshops and the training leaders included Marie Pounders, Region 8 Manager and SLOMAP President; Craig Hull, Zone VP; Jamie Rodriguez, Outreach Coordinator from Santa Maria’s NSBMHT; Anne Anderson, Associate Regional 8 Manager and SCAMPR President-Santa Barbara and John Mulhern, CSCMHOA President from Santa Cruz County.  The groups discussed specific resources which are available to all Regional Managers and Zone VPs in addition to strategies for assisting parks in their respective areas throughout California.

On Thursday, the State Board held an open meeting in the main clubhouse at Laguna Lake Mobile Estates and over 50 park representatives attended.  HOAs and GSMOL Board members from throughout the county were invited to the meeting.  It was a rare opportunity to see our State Board in action and to put a face with a name of Board members we only read about in the Californian.  One of the highlights of the meeting included Bruce Stanton’s presentation about the upcoming 3 year Pilot Program for park owners (sub and master metered) who wish to participate in upgrading their electrical and gas infrastructure, ultimately giving back the responsibility for the utilities to the utility companies.  Another important portion included an extensive report by Bruce, Tim Sheahan, and Jim Sullivan regarding a one year commitment to work with a committee from the WMA (park owners’ group) to find areas of common interest, such as disaster preparedness.

Residents heard a report from Terri Pohrman, VP of Zone A-1, on the support GSMOL has been able to provide to residents impacted by the Napa and Solano County earthquake.  Ernest Strobel, a special guest speaker, presented an insurance program which is being considered by the GSMOL Board which would be offered to all GSMOL members.  Both members and GSMOL would benefit as many different types of insurance would be included from home to car to vision and dental, and a percentage would be earned by GSMOL for participating in the program.  It was noted that CRTA, the State CA Retired Teachers Association already partners with this company.  Ron Faas, the GSMOL PAC Chairperson, provided a report on the new local endorsement process which many areas participated in this year for the first time.  He also outlined the different strategy used for state legislative endorsements which involved targeting specific races.  Instead of donating amounts of money to candidates, GSMOL PAC actually had postcards and flyers designed for individual candidates.  Two such posters were on display at the meeting.

Many people helped make both of these meetings a success: SLOMAP Members Helen Honeycutt and GSMOL member Irene McKenzie from Sea Oaks, SLOMAP members Shirley Shiffer from Rancho del Bordo and Sharon McMahan from Mesa Dunes, NSBMHT’s Jamie Rodriguez and Susan Parmalee from Casa Grande and Casa Del Rio respectively.  None of this would have been possible without the assistance of the Laguna Lake GSMOL members, especially Joan Harper and HOA Vice President Letty Cotta.  We also thank GSMOL members for helping with the set up and take down of chairs and tables!!!  It was a big success and we have received many complements about our State Board Members and of course, our favorite person, Bruce Stanton!!

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GSMOL State Board
GSMOL State Board