GSMOL-PAC Endorsed Candidates Successful

Ron Faas, GSMOL-PAC chair and Legislative Action Team Co-ordinator, Northern Santa Barbara County

Ron Faas
Ron Faas

The Golden State Manufactured-Home Owners League (GSMOL) Political Action Committee (PAC) functions as a separate entity from the regular GSMOL Board.  Its purpose is to vet, endorse and assist candidates for the CA Legislature who are sympathetic to the interests of all mobile/manufactured-home owners.  The GSMOL-PAC is made up of GSMOL members representing different areas of the state.  By endorsing and financially supporting candidates who understand our needs, GSMOL will be in a much better position to pass laws that will protect mobile/manufactured home owners and also oppose bills which would have a negative impact on our rights.  The GSMOL-PAC is funded only by GSMOL member contributions to the PAC Fund. Contributions to the various GSMOL legal, homeowner defense and disaster relief funds are not used for PAC activities.

Nine of the 13 candidates endorsed by the (GSMOL) Political Action Committee (PAC) won election to the California Legislature in the November 2012 general election.  The CA Secretary of State’s Statement of Votes reports 13.2 million votes cast statewide with a 72.36% turnout.

San Luis Obispo County had a 79.96% turnout with 126,818 votes cast.  Santa Barbara County’s turnout was 80.87% with 164,977 votes cast.

In the San Luis Obispo Mobilehome Residents Assistance Panel (SLOMAP), Northern Santa Barbara County Manufactured/Mobilehome Owners Team (NSBMHT) and South Coast Alliance of Mobilehome Park Residents (SCAMPR) areas, these include Senator Bill Monning SD 17, Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson SD-19, and Assemblyman Das Williams AD37.

Four of the five GSMOL-PAC-endorsed candidates for Senate won their races, and five of the eight PAC-endorsed candidates for Assembly won their races.

By district, candidates with percentage of vote and GSMOL Zone/Region (cities) are:

SD 13: Sally Lieber, L 33.9%, Zone A-1: Region 1 (San Mateo, Mountain View)
SD 17: Bill Monning, W 63.3%, Zone B-1: Region 8, 10 (Santa Cruz, San Luis Obispo)
SD 19: Hannah-Beth Jackson, W 55.7%, Zone B-1: Region 8 (Ventura, Santa Maria)
SD 27: Fran Pavley, W 53.6%, Zones B1 & C: Region 3 & 8 (Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks)
SD 31: Richard Roth, W 55.3%, Zones B1 & C: Region 9 (Riverside, Moreno Valley)
AD 8: Ken Cooley, W 54.3%, Zone A: Region 14 (Sacramento, Rancho Cordova)
AD 10: Michael Allen, L 48.8%, Zone A-1: Region 2 (San Rafael, Petaluma)
AD 20: Bill Quirk, W 50.3%, Zone A-1: Region 1 (Hayward)
AD 29: Mark Stone, W 68.9%, Zone B-1: Region 10 (Santa Cruz, Monterey)
AD 37: Das Williams, W 60.4%, Zone B-1: Region 8 (Ventura, Santa Barbara)
AD 42: Mark Orozco, L 45.3%, Zone D, Region 9 (Hemet, Palm Springs)
AD 50: Betsy Butler, L 49.5%, Zone C: Region 3 (Malibu, Santa Monica)
AD 71: Brian Jones, W 63.1%, Zone D: Regions 7 & 9 (Alpine, Ramona)

Thanks to all mobilehome residents who supported our PAC-endorsed candidates.