Here is a summary of Bills supported by GSMOL this year.  Your calls and e-mails make a big difference in getting needed bills passed.  If you are not on our LAT contact list already, send Bob ( or Ron ( an email and give them your information!  Bob is SLO County, Ron is Northern SB County.


SB 419 (McGuire) – Status: Referred to Senate Judiciary Committee.  No Hearing Set.
Improves the process for selling your home.  Would update and clarify the rules about realty signs and open houses.  Would also increase transparency for buyers and sellers regarding park standards for admission of new buyers to live in the park, by requiring clear disclosure of the park’s income and eligibility requirements.

SB 477 (Leyva) – Status: Not yet referred to a committee.
Last year, AB 2231 (Gordon) re-enacted the State Property Tax Deferment Program, which provides property tax assistance to senior and disabled households.  However, in reinstating the program, AB 2231 removed mobilehome owners from eligibility for the program.  This bill would ensure that mobilehome owners are also eligible to apply for property tax deferment, by re-establishing mobilehomes in the newly re-enacted program.

AB 587 (Chau) – Status: Not yet referred to a committee.
The bill is currently in “spot” form, meaning it has only placeholder language in it.  Once amended the bill will address the crisis of bad title that many homeowners are facing.  Tens of thousands of homeowners (possibly hundreds of thousands) do not have clear title to their manufactured home.  This means that many homeowners do not actually own their home in their name, potentially leading to thousands of dollars in unpaid fees, taxes and/or penalties, and the inability to transfer your home when the time comes to sell.  In many cases, the outstanding fees or taxes (and accompanying penalties) may have accrued before the person took ownership.  The bill will provide relief to these homeowners for unpaid taxes and penalties in exchange for bringing title current.  The bill will also establish a system to minimize the sale of homes without title being properly transferred.



AB 682 (Williams) – Status: Not yet referred to a committee.
Would ensure that homeowners who do not have current title to their home can still participate in the PUC pilot program that will convert select sub-metered parks to direct service from the utilities.  Under current HCD rules, HCD cannot approve the hook up to a home where the current owner does not have title in his or her name.  This bill would ensure that those homeowners can still be hooked up to the new utility service.

No Position Yet

AB 999 (Daly) – Status: Not yet referred to a committee.
This bill, sponsored by WMA, would allow for the summary removal of an abandoned mobilehome where the home is considered a nuisance or has a value of less than $15,000.

SB 434 (Allen) – Status: Not yet referred to a committee.
This bill would deal with a situation in LA County in which the County Assessor claims that homeowners are avoiding paying local property tax by building large homes around older mobilehomes that are still paying annual registration fees to HCD.

SB 244 (Vidak) – Status: Current law, enacted in 2012, allows a park owner to obtain an injunction against a homeowner who is violating a park rule or regulation, rather than seeking to evict the homeowner.  That law would “sunset” (meaning it would no longer be active) at the end of this year.  SB 244 would remove the sunset date, and make this provision permanent.