Bill Passed in 2013

SB 510 was passed in 2013 and became law on January 1, 2014. This amended law protects Homeowners from Unfair “Condo” Conversions. State code 666427.5 allows a parkowner to subdivide an existing rental mobilehome park and sell the individual lots on which the homes are placed. Aggressive investors have exploited this process, and forced conversions that do not have the support of the homeowners. GSMOL has worked hard to pass a bill which would bring clarity to this law, and ensure that homeowners are adequately consulted regarding proposed conversions. Now, the local agency will be able to consider the results of the Residents’ Survey to decide whether to approve, modify or disapprove the proposed MH Park Condo Conversion. Local agencies may also implement Subdivision Map requirements by resolution or ordinance.

This bill became a new law on January 1, 2014!

Thanks to all of you who made this possible with your phone calls and letters!

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