Bills Passed in 2012

Here is the status of Golden State Manufactured-Home Owners League (GSMOL) legislative package for the 2012 session:

AB 2150 – Single page of 10 basic Mobilehome Residency Laws (MRL) to be distributed to all residents annually.  Any new residents must receive the full MRL.  Click here to read the complete Mobile Homeowners’ Bill of Rights.
Signed by Governor Brown.

AB 1938 – Long Term Leases – limits certain pass throughs and corrects time frame for rescinding the lease.
Signed by Governor Brown.

AB 1797 MPROP – This bill allows the Department of Housing and Community Development to reduce the current 3% interest rate of MPROP loans and adds a component for using the money to assist with the technical part of completing loan applications.  MPROP funds are specifically designated for resident organizations (or non-profits representing those groups) which are attempting to purchase their parks.
Signed by Governor Brown.

AB 2272 – Restraining Orders – This bill involves a practice which was already legal of allowing a park owner to place a restraining order on a resident who had repeatedly violated rules or regulations of the park to avoid the more serious consequence of eviction.  A Sunset Date has been added for this practice: January 2016.  The state wants to evaluate how effective restraining orders are in avoiding evictions and/or changing people’s behaviors.  This bill also places fines on individuals who break the restraining orders.

AB 317 – Affirms “primary residence” requirement to qualify for rent control.

These bills became new laws on January 1, 2013!

Thanks to all of you who made this possible with your phone calls and letters!

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